The Top Pilates Resources for Dancers for 2023

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10 Must-Have Pilates Resources for Dancers in 2023

As a dancer, having the right Pilates resources can help you move better and keep your body in top condition. Regarded as one of the best physical fitness practices for dancers, Pilates demands coordination, proper breathing, and most of all, body control. These resources help you get the most out of Pilates so you can stay ahead of the game.

1. Pilates For Dancers 101

Pilates For Dancers 101 is the essential guide to getting started with the practice. With beginner-friendly approaches and conversational emphasis on both physical and mental well-being, this series of video tutorials is just what beginners need to get their feet wet. The comprehensive syllabuses, choreography-based exercises, and detailed post-workout plans make it essential for any learner.

2. Matthew Wilson Pilates App

The Matthew Wilson Pilates app is an all-in-one destination for every dancer’s Pilates practice. It’s designed to amplify your on-mat and across-the-floor technique and restore your strength. With more than 300 high-quality Pilates classes, the app allows you to customize your workouts with varying levels of intensity, creative class flows, and pilates for sport-based practices.

3. Online Pilates Classes

Online Pilates classes provide a great opportunity for dancers to practice during their off time. With specialized classes for pre-ballet, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and other forms of dance, there is something for every dancer. The classes are led by experienced instructors and provide an excellent way to keep progressing with the practice.

4. PilatesBooks For Dancers

PilatesBooks For Dancers is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to learn more about Pilates and how it can enhance their performance. This website features a variety of books, guides, and videos about the practice and its benefits for dancers. It also provides reading assignments, question and answer sessions, and resources for getting started with the practice.

5. Events & Retreats

For those looking to deepen their practice, attending events and retreats dedicated to Pilates is a great way to do so. These events provide a unique opportunity to learn from expert teachers and allow practitioners to explore and practice in a new environment. A number of retreats and events are offered throughout the year, all across the world.

6. Class Bundles & Kits

Class Bundles & Kits are great for those who want to create their own Pilates program. Bundles provide pre-select workout plans which include the necessary supplies and expert instruction. Kits offer a similar service, but with the added benefit of being able to customize the workout according to your own needs.

7. streamingPilates

streamingPilates is an online streaming platform for Pilates videos and classes. They provide a wide selection of classes for every level, from beginner to advanced. The platform also offers private and small group classes, as well as courses tailored specifically for dancers.

8. Video Demonstrations

Video demonstrations are a great way to learn about Pilates and its various techniques. From detailed overviews of the practice, to step-by-step guides on specific movements, video demonstrations can provide a comprehensive and comprehensive look at Pilates and its benefits.

9. BodyControl Pilates

BodyControl Pilates is a comprehensive training program for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. With DVD’s, online tutorials, interactive online classes and seminars, the program has everything a dancer needs to become a master of their craft.

10. is an excellent source of Pilates information for dancers of all levels. This website has it all: from tutorials on basic principles and recommended exercises for developing strength and body control, to tips on how to integrate Pilates into a daily practice.

No matter where you are on your Pilates journey, these resources can help you take your practice to the next level. With the right guidance and motivation, you can make the most of existing and emerging Pilates resources to progress your performance and wellbeing.

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