The Benefits of Pilates for Improving Dance Flexibility

Pilates: How It Can Improve Dance Flexibility

Dancers strive to have perfect flexibility, allowing them to express themselves in the most graceful and elegant way possible. Pilates has been noted to help many dancers achieve those ultimate results, providing certain benefits to those who regularly practice.

Improving Strength

One of the primary benefits of Pilates is that it can help improve muscle strength. Doing Pilates practice incorporates movements that build strength through the use of controlled muscle contractions. These movements engage almost all of the major muscle groups, including the lower body, core and upper body, for complete body strengthening. The focus of the movements to build more strength is on the core muscles, as dancers need a strong central area for better stability, balance and technique.

Increasing Flexibility and Mobility

Pilates helps increase the range of motion of the joints, leading to increased flexibility and mobility. Not only does this make daily activities easier, but it also assists in better movement capabilities. For dancers, it can help to make dancing more precise. The improved mobility also helps to reduce the risk of certain injuries and can help in the healing process of existing injuries.

Improving Posture and Balance

Dancers usually have an upright posture, which can be improved using Pilates. This exercise system focuses on performing exercises while maintaining good posture. This helps to keep the body in proper alignment and can help prevent injury. Pilates also teaches correct breathing patterns and is useful for releasing built up tension in the muscles. Additionally, the added balance can help dancers maintain better control and perform more precise movements.

Gaining Control over Muscles

Pilates requires muscles to be engaged with control as the movements are performed. This leads to a much better awareness of the body and muscles and how they work. This helps dancers to be aware of the strengths and limits of the body. Practicing Pilates also allows dancers to gain greater control over each muscle, allowing them to precisely position them and make more precise movements.


In conclusion, there are multiple physical benefits that can be achieved by adding Pilates to a dancer’s practice sessions. Regular Pilates practice helps strengthen and tone the body, increases flexibility and mobility, improves posture and balance, and increases control over the body and muscles. All of these benefits come together to result in noticeably improved dancing.

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