Pilates, the trendy gym that acts on the body and mind

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Very popular with artists, a mix of yoga, dance and gym, the Pilates technique helps you improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and posture. Ready for a virtual workout?

Pilates, the trendy gym: A gentle method

This gym technique was invented by Joseph Pilates, a German who emigrated to the United States. With a fragile health, he decided to face it by practicing sports. In the 1920s, he perfected a new system of gymnastics in New York, called the Pilates method. Very quickly, many artists and dancers were attracted by this innovative technique.

A gentle method

This method is laborious but gentle. The exercises should never cause pain and you should not go beyond the limits of your body. The movements are basic and easy, and they allow for improved performance and balance of the muscle mass. The method includes more than 1,000 exercises performed on the floor or on specialized machines, which avoids the repetitive aspect of the tasks. The movements are done alternately with the four main machines (Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Tower and Wunda Chair) and seven other accessories (balls, chairs…). This physical preparation activity is a combination of methods based on yoga, breath, flexibility and relaxation and a method based on the development of strength and endurance.

Pilates, the trendy gym: Advantages and disadvantages…

Advantages :

  • An effective workout in a calm and serene atmosphere, without musical presence.
  • In-depth work.
  • A concentration on each detail of the movement.
  • Monotony is avoided by the multitude of different exercises and pictorial explanations.

Disadvantages :

  • The work is intellectual, the explanations are numerous and very complex.
  • It is difficult to find competent teachers in France at the moment.
  • It is necessary to hide the methods of fitness, of body work and to re-build a new posture.
  • It is necessary to give preference to small group or individual classes so that the teacher can correct you and give you personalized advice.

Today, there are more than 800 Pilates centers in the world and the clientele is more and more abundant and varied: conservatories as well as artists often use it.

Pilates, the trendy gym: Benefits and solutions for the body

The main goal of this method is to use the mind to control the muscles. The exercises help to rebalance the muscles of the body, focusing on the main muscles (abdomen, buttocks and pelvis) that are involved in the overall balance of the body.

This method aims to :

  • correct and improve posture by firming and toning the deep muscles (abdomen, buttocks, pelvis) for a good maintenance of the whole body.
  • develop flexibility, gracefulness of the body and lengthen the spine.
  • relax the most used muscle groups (nape of the neck, shoulders, back), and tone up the relaxed muscle groups (abdominal, buttocks) in order to balance the muscles and eliminate the causes of tension.
  • Provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation to relieve stress with a breathing technique.
  • Become aware of your body to optimize the efficiency of your movements.
  • Improve coordination and control of movement.
  • To help prevent injuries caused by bad posture in daily life.
  • Facilitate the recovery of certain locomotor systems, participate in the treatment of osteoporosis, rheumatism and control weight problems.
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