Pilates, the benefits of the method

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The principle of the Pilates method is a global approach of the body intended to develop the body in a harmonious way.
Originally, Joseph Pilates created exercises using pulleys, elastics, springs to recover beds of the injured, he created the reformer, a resistance method that accompanies the bodybuilding exercises. The results obtained encouraged him to continue in this direction and to constantly improve this Pilates method. It is the method of the “neutral position” in order to facilitate natural and easy muscle building.

The Pilates method consists of correcting bad postures, restoring physical vitality and stimulating the mind and the student. The postural base of the different exercise blocks is defined as the “energy center”: the abdominal box.

The 8 key points of the Pilates method :

  • The control of the movement: Each movement from the beginning to the end must be mastered in space and time.
  • Breathing: An essential component of the “breathe your exercises” method. We breathe deeply with the chest, not by inflating the abdomen. This technique muscles and tones the abdominal muscles.
  • Fluidity: The body is almost always in motion, but the movements are slow because they are carried out using the deep muscles. It is the coordination between the nervous system and the musculo-articular system that allows this fluidity.
  • Precision : The exercises are linked in a precise way by eliminating the parasite movements (perfect work between agonist and antagonist).
  • Concentration: Each movement, each breath must be thought out and come from the center of the body.
  • Centering: Whatever the exercise, the belly must be pulled in to work the deep abdominals; “Everything comes from the belly” which is the center of gravity.
  • Stability: It is the capacity to keep a part of the body immobile and in particular that of the torso which is part of the elegance of this method.
  • Relaxation: In order to relax and loosen the muscles and to work at best its amplitudes.

The benefits of the Pilates method

  • Alleviates spinal pain by “repositioning” the pelvis and back correctly.
  • Improves posture and balance.
  • Sculpts the body by tightening muscles and releasing tension.
  • Lengthens muscles and strengthens the myotatic reflex.
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • Increases the articular amplitudes.
  • Improves breathing and its rhythm.
  • Maintains the coordination of gestures.
  • Brings a mental well-being.
  • Brings a general relaxation.
  • Can also have a beneficial cardiovascular effect and improve physical condition.
  • Helps in general rehabilitation.

15 minutes of Pilates every day: yes it is possible !!!!!


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