How to increase the effects of pilates without necessarily doing more?

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The Pilates method is particularly appreciated by the stars, all over the world. But did you know that there is a very simple trick to increase the positive effects of Pilates?

At the beginning of each year, it’s the same thing: you want to make good resolutions and this most often means getting back into the gym. During the holiday season, we tend to let go, especially with the current health situation that complicates things quite a bit. So if there is a physical practice that is popular with stars all over the world and rather easy to implement, it is the pilates method. If you too want to maximize the effects of pilates without killing yourself, here is a simple tip that should please you.

How to practice pilates effectively?

The pilates method (often simply called “pilates”) is a gentle gymnastics created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. It works the muscles in depth, notably thanks to breathing, combined of course with targeted physical movements. But if the Pilates method is not only positive for the body, it is also positive for the mind. Concentration, mindfulness and harmony are the key words of this practice which has the wind in its sails.

In her book “Morning Pilates”, Lugdivine Meytre gives some tips to maximize the beneficial effects of the practice. A certified pilates instructor and author, she emphasizes the importance of a morning routine: “This is what will help us to anchor ourselves, to feel good from the moment we wake up, for the whole day”. Doing pilates in the morning is therefore a way to make sure you take time for yourself. That’s right! Exit the smartphone, social networks and the (too many) emails, pilates must be the first action of the day.

Any practice done in the morning, with awareness, even for 5 minutes, can completely change the energy of the day. By releasing the hormones of well-being, morning practice offers many benefits: be calm, sit on your mat and take the temperature of the day to know which routine you will choose: rather soft? rather energetic?

Finally, for the bravest of us, Lugdivine Meytre recommends taking a cold shower before your pilates session. A practice that would indeed have many benefits:

  • a boost to your morale
  • activation of the blood circulation
  • improvement of the quality of the skin
  • strengthening the immune system

So, are you ready for this new well-being challenge?

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