How to Create a Pilates Routine for Improving Dance Technique

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Benefits of Pilates for Improving Dance Technique

Dancers of all levels can benefit from a proper Pilates routine. Pilates is a physical fitness system that has the potential to improve dance technique, strength, flexibility, control, and posture. Whether you are just starting out in dance or you are a professional, Pilates just might be the ideal complement to your dance practice.

Improved Flexibility as Benefit of Pilates

Flexibility comes in all forms when it comes to dance technique. Improved range of motion and agility can be achieved through a Pilates routine. A Pilates program can help dancers to achieve greater balance and overall body strength. Pilates techniques helps to create an increased awareness of body alignment, which can enable you to achieve more fluid and graceful movement.

Improved Balance as Benefit of Pilates

Pilates is suitable for all levels of dancers. Revitalizing and rebuilding strength in the small and large muscles are paramount in a proper Pilates program. Achieving greater balance through Pilates can enhance a dancer’s performance as balance is essential for grace and stability on stage. Pilates helps to improve a dancer’s core strength, posture and agility without straining the body.

Build Endurance with Pilates

Pilates is perfect for dancers who need to build their endurance. Tired and sluggish muscles can prevent a dancer from reaching their peak performance level. Building endurance with Pilates exercises can help a dancer practice more diligently and anchor their attention to the task at hand. Pilates can aid in the development of more efficient body movements.

Improved Focus as Benefit of Pilates

The physical and mental rigors associated with dance can start to take its toll on any dancer. Adding Pilates to their dance routine will give the dancer not only greater physical strength and flexibility, but also improved mental clarity and focus. Certain Pilates exercises require concentration, precision and control, which helps to build focus and concentration.

Create a Pilates Routine for Improved Dance Technique

There are a variety of Pilates exercises designed to improve dance prowess. Thoughtful planning is key in order to create the best Pilates routine for improved dance technique. Depending on individual coaching, the exercises may vary, but generally the following types of Pilates should be incorporated:

  • Stretching —helps to increase flexibility
  • Mat work — helps to achieve better posture and core stability
  • Reformer/Tower — helps strengthen and tone the midsection and help you to move with more precision
  • Functional movement — helps you understand body movement patterns used in the dance

Pilates exercises used for dance improvement can include:

  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Rolling exercises
  • Arm and leg strengthening
  • Sit-ups
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Twisting exercises
  • Back extensions
  • Balance exercises
  • Reaching exercises

A proper Pilates routine will help any dancer build muscle strength, a strong core, better posture and overall improved body awareness. The exercises mentioned above are just a few of the possibilities for improving dance technique with Pilates. It is important to design a program that fits your individual needs and abilities. Always consult a trained professional before beginning any exercise program.


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for dancers. A proper Pilates routine can help to improve strength, flexibility, control, balance, and posture. Improved focus and concentration can also be achieved with a mindful Pilates practice. Through thoughtful planning, any dancer can benefit from the physical, mental, and emotional advantages of Pilates.

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