How does a Pilates class work?

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Pilates classes generally proceed as follows:

  • First, a gentle introduction
  • Then, a sequence of postures and exercises
  • And finally, a stretching and postural balance session

In general, a Pilates session lasts 45 minutes and does not exceed 1 hour. There are different types of classes (group, individual, with or without equipment) and the price will vary according to this.

You can practice Pilates in a studio, in a classical yoga room or at home via online classes.

In this article we will give you the necessary indications to choose your Pilates class and also your proper attire.

The course of a Pilates class

How does a Pilates class work? It will depend on the type of class you are taking but here is a typical flow:

A gentle warm-up

The gentle warm-up allows you to wake up your muscles, ligaments and joints in order to prepare them to make efforts without damaging them or rushing them. It is a moment of relaxation and concentration on breathing. It will last between 10 to 15 minutes

A sequence of postures and exercises

Then, once you have warmed up, you will perform a series of exercises and postures among the 34 postures invented by Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method. There are more than 500 exercises based on this method. One thing is sure, you will have something to do and you can vary the movements to avoid redundancy. You will do them either on a mat or with machines, depending on your choice of class.

At the end of your session, you will feel all the benefits of this practice

A stretching and postural balance session


Finally, after having made considerable efforts, you will move on to stretching and postural balance. This part is not negligible and it will allow you to feel an immeasurable well-being at the end of the session. It will also participate in the reconstruction of your muscles after the effort. This will be beneficial for your performance and will reduce the feeling of soreness.

The different types of Pilates classes

Group classes

Group classes are very appreciated for the motivation provided by the presence of other people. They are also very affordable (around 25 euros). The disadvantage, compared to individual classes, is that the Pilates instructor will not be able to focus all of his or her attention on you, so you will be a little more independent. If you can afford it, I advise you to start with individual classes.

Individual classes

One-on-one classes are the ultimate in follow-up and support. During the course of your course, the teacher will be exclusively at your disposal and will give you very personalized advice. These courses are nevertheless a little more demanding financially with a price of around 60 euros per session. By choosing the right classes and the right institutes, you will be able to make rapid progress and see visible results within a few months.

The different variations of Pilates sessions

There are indeed several variations of Pilates. The process can be different depending on the type of class: you can practice with a mat, a Pilates ball and some other accessories but you can also do your class with machines such as the reformer, the cadillac or the wall-units. We strongly recommend that you alternate between classes with and without machines as this will allow for even more variety in the exercises.

What to wear to a Pilates class?

You won’t need to bring much with you to a class, as Pilates studios usually provide equipment for the workout. The exception would be a Pilates mat if you prefer to use your own rather than one shared by the class.

In terms of attire, here are some tips:

  • Focus on loose but not baggy outfits and advise according to the teacher’s requirements.
  • Avoid ties and belts. You could get them caught in the springs of the Pilates machines.
  • Remove accessories and jewelry. For the same reasons as for belts and for your comfort
  • Opt for unscented products. For group classes, many people are sensitive to strong odors
  • Tie your hair up, remember to take your scrunchie or hair ties.

Conclusion on the course of Pilates classes

Whether it is a group class or an individual class, our advice is valid and the course will be more or less the same. Don’t hesitate to consult our advice on the different Pilates accessories and, if you have the means, get your own Pilates machine (with a certain level of experience to master these tools and methods)


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