An express Pilates session before going to bed

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The benefits of Pilates are countless: slimming, muscle strengthening, stress reduction… To harmonize and rebalance your body in just 10 minutes a day, we suggest a session that you can simply do at home, before going to bed. A calm night is guaranteed.

Pilates is a method based on breathing and movement control. Inspired by yoga, its exercises are designed to bring the body back into ideal physical alignment, tone the deep muscles, firm the body and refine the silhouette.

A Pilates session can easily be done at home, you will only need a mat to protect your back. It’s best to practice a little every day, but if you practice two or three times a week, it’s already very good. And don’t forget the most important tip: whether your session lasts an hour or 5 minutes, make sure you stay focused, thinking only about your exercises and your body throughout the session.

For beginners, we suggest you first become familiar with the neutral position. This position is fundamental to Pilates and serves as the basic position for all back exercises:

  1. Lying on your back, breathe slowly and deeply and relax. Your back should neither be completely flat on the floor nor bent like a reed, but in a neutral position. Do not force anything. Let the natural curve of your back do its work.
  2. Next, try the neutral back position by keeping your abs flat, knees bent and feet flat.
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